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Jedco Custom Cell Phone Cases

We can make a case for any size phone. DO NOT send or call in measurements. If your phone has a protective cover leave on phone and DRAW AROUND it showing both flat-face view and edge view ON THE BACK of the ORDER FORM. Most customers order Regular Belt Loop on the back, no longer wanting the steel clip. The case is more secure and comfortable with Belt-Loop Only, but its your choice, we do make with clip. Standard belt loop or clip hang is VERTICAL only. Colors = Black, Brown, Tan, or Natural Oil. Initials are $3.00 each extra and Ranch Brands are $30.00 extra offered on the Tooling Leather cases only. As noted on the order form, you must make a small drawing showing us WHERE you want initials, brands, or any other art work PLACED or we will use our best judgment. No return, exchange, or refund, and all sales are final.

KS-510 cell phone case
Jedco Cell Phone case
Front cell case with Wide Snap Flap
Cell phone Cell phone reverse side
Front and back views Vertical and Slant Hang for Large Flat Phones
Flip phone case
Front views of Flip-Phone case, Vertical and Slant.

(#KS-510) SOFT-SIDE CELL PHONE CASE: ***(These cases are the ONLY style cell case we make and can be made for either the new type THIN bodied phone or THICK bodied phones, especially FLIP-PHONES or flat phones with extra battery. All of these cases are made from 5-6oz. PLAIN Chap Leather or Tooling Calf Leather, and are all metal riveted.

*** (WE CAN ADD A WIDE SNAP FLAP COVER IF WANTED for an extra charge of = $10.00) ** (Your choice - made with either Belt Loop or Clip in VERTICAL position only. and you must advise Right or Left side carry.) Colors Black, Brown, or Tan.

(#KS-510-A) PLAIN Chap Leather (no Tooling) any size phone = $55.00

(#KS-510-B) HAND TOOLED, Pebble or Basket = $70.00

(#KS-510-C) HAND CARVED, Floral or Acorn/Oak = $90.00

Extras = Wide Snap Flap cover = $10.00, Initials $3.00 each and Ranch Brands $30.00 each only on tooling leather cases.

Saddle and Tack repair prices are listed, but all current and future customers should know that we do full leather repair on many other products. BELTS, WALLETS, and KNIFE-SHEATHS can be re-finished and re-laced to look like new! Check the "Order-Blank" for shipping instructions on all LEATHER REPAIRS.

(***All Jedco Custom-Made Leather goods are made at our shops in Hedley, Texas unless otherwise noted. There is no refund, no return, no exchange for any product, and all sales are final. Make sure you order correct product numbers, size, color, etc., and we will try our best to make what you want.)

To find out more about our products or to place an order contact us at:

Jedco Leather, P.O. Box-206, Hedley, Texas, 79237
Phone: 1-806-856-5251
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Business Hours: Monday-Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm CST

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